LEADER Region Biosphere Reserve Bliesgau

WE MAKE MOBILE - preserve our living space for the future

10 fields of action

Based on the essence and objectives of UNESCO-recognized biosphere reserves and the characteristics that led to the recognition of this region as the Bliesgau Biosphere Reserve, ten fields of action can be concentrated that are relevant for the development of this LEADER region:

Climate protection and energy | Education for sustainable development | Demographic change | Sustainable management | Urban-rural relations | Cultural landscape | Biodiversity | Cross-border cooperation | Culture | Ethics

These ten fields of action reflect specific characteristics in this cultural landscape and are thematically of decisive importance for sustainable development.

Guiding principles and visions

The 10 fields of action are concretized by the guiding principles and visions of the LEADER region Bliesgau Biosphere Reserve. They recognition and action and contain specific criteria according to which we can assess whether your plans, projects and products deal with these 10 fields of action in a solution-oriented manner.

    We think globally - we act regionally. Innovative environmental models provide sustainable knowledge building blocks.

    Your plans, projects, products
    . . . promote the use of renewable energies.
    . . . operate with maximum energy efficiency.

    We are learning to shape our future sustainably.

    Your plans, projects, products
    . . . promote the ability to reflect on what has been learned and to implement it in sustainable thinking and action in everyday life.

    We are developing life models of the future today.

    Your plans, projects, products
    . . . take into account the effects of demographic change and/or even address them synergistically.
    . . . are suitable for counteracting demographic change.

    We manage with nature and not against it.

    Your plans, projects, products
    . . . are oriented toward ecological economic models.

    We use and create synergies between our urban and our rural part of the region.

    Your plans, projects, products
    . . . promote exchange between urban and rural areas of the region.
    . . . linking city and countryside conceptually.
    . . . focus specifically on the respective strengths of urban and rural areas.

    We design sustainable living space, respectful of our cultural and natural heritage.

    Your plans, projects, products
    . . . contribute to the preservation of the cultural landscape through its economic valorization.

    We sustain human livelihoods by preserving biodiversity and ecosystems.

    Your plans, projects, products
    . . . are fundamentally characterized by a mindful approach to existing ecosystems.
    . . . promote the preservation of existing cultural landscape ecosystems.

    We gain identity and inspiration in the interaction with our neighbors at a crossroads of Europe.

    Your plans, projects, products
    . . . promote cross-border thinking and business.
    . . . promote the valorization of the cultural history of the region.

    We promote cultural identity and use artistic interventions as impulses for change.

    Your plans, projects, products
    . . . also make reference to the cultural identity of this region and, where appropriate, involve contributions from the arts and culture to its realization.

  10. ETHICS
    We are deeply connected to our habitat and stand for a value-oriented, ethically shaped way of life.

    Your plans, projects, products
    . . . promote the mindful and respectful use of regional resources and people.

[Excerpt from Visions 2020]

Further information is available from the Bliesgau Biosphere Reserve Local Action Group.

Illustration der Biosphärenreservat Leitgedanken

A mobile symbolizes balance and equilibrium. A situation in which the essentials are in balance. Globally, our earth needs such a state to preserve our livelihoods. The LEADER region Biosphere Reserve Bliesgau sees itself as a laboratory in which we experiment to show with our resources how ecosystems find their balance, so that future generations can also feel their homeland to be worth living in and can further develop existing livelihoods.

Transparency creates projection spaces

The idea Biosphere Mobile involves the viewer. He is no longer only a receiving counterpart, but a living part of an interaction.

Mobile an einem Baum

In the Balance

The dancing light appearance of a mobile of the Bliesgau Biosphere Reserve threatens to lose its balance again at any time. This limbo between the poles of the fields of action and the visions for the biosphere reserve Bliesgau thematizes, among other things, the existential global threat, which sometimes significantly endangers the balancing act of our habitat.

Mobile an einem Baum mit blauem Horizont

Joie de vivre

If everything works out, a [biosphere] mobile is a piece of poetry that dances with joie de vivre and surprises.

Alexander Calder (1898 – 1976)