Culture closes cycles

We have recognized that the influence of serious contemporary art and culture can quietly add value to significant sites in the cities and towns of the Saarbrücken Regional Association. Through the most diverse artistic interventions, a new discovery of the supposedly old, but also previously unknown, can obviously be triggered. With imagination and creativity a cycle closes: cultural place - place of thinking - place of learning. In this way, identification anchors are successively created that significantly influence the fundamental structural change of the entire Saarbrücken region.

Peter Gillo, Director of the Regional Association of Saarbrücken


Wintringer Chapel, tracery, Ilka von Häfen, Thomas Rößler, 2006


Wintringer Chapel, iconostasis, Till Neu, 2008

Places of art and culture

The development of cultural identity, the discovery of cultural heritage, especially building culture, and cultural events are facets of the further development of the cities and communities in the Saarbrücken region. They are impulse generators and essential building blocks of a specific image of the regional cultural landscape.

In order to achieve this goal, cultural work is required that relates the various places of art and culture to one another, networks them with one another and develops and shapes them out of the respective "spirit of the place". Projects that arise in smaller regional contexts also play a role in this and thus make an important contribution to a cautious and place-based cultural profile.

Heilige für Heute

Wintringer Chapel, Saints for Today, Linda Schwarz, 2009

Guiding principle

It is the feeling for the flow of time and a mindfulness before the creative power of people that ignites in places that were significant in cultural history and charges them in a special way. A comparable magic is conveyed by places whose fabric has developed into the building culture of the present in a mindful, creative confrontation. We pursue the idea of networking such places and spaces - which are to be discovered in the state capital of Saarbrücken and in the surrounding cities and communities, regardless of their external differences in significance. Together with those responsible on the ground, we can succeed in deepening their individual expressiveness and highlighting them in an authentic way.

An essential necessity of this idea is that artists flank this process. Through their artistic engagement with themes of a significant place, the chance opens up to "keep the fire", to better understand the "today" and to gain orientation for the "tomorrow".

Stationen des Lebens

Wintringer Chapel, Stations of Life, Andreas Kuhnlein, 2010

Impulses from the peculiarities of the places

On the basis of a site-specific cultural guiding idea, artists from various disciplines in the Saarbrücken region are committed to developing their works in a sensitive dialog with the respective location. In addition to established art and cultural institutions, some of which are of national importance, this also includes lesser-known locations.

The cultural site Wintringer Chapel on the Wintringer farm near Saarbrücken sees itself as a model of the guiding principle by combining a careful restoration of the late Gothic building with a cultural use that is compatible with the location.


Saarbrücken Castle, Rotations, Interdisciplinary Project of the HBKSaar and the HfM Saar, 2015

Discover in dialogue

The state capital of Saarbrücken offers a multifaceted range of cultural events, some of which are located in unusual places. They are complemented by interesting projects of art and culture to be discovered in the periphery, which can enter into a fruitful dialogue with each other.

The Wintringer Chapel in Kleinblittersdorf is part of this network. Exhibitions, readings and musical events thematically linked to the place take place in the chapel on a regular basis

Further information and short portraits of all participating locations can be found on the website of the Saarbrücken Regional Association:

The associated publication is available for download: Places of Art and Culture in the Regional Association Saarbrücken