On the way

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Peter Michael Lupp, texts and photographs
Ulla van Daelen, concert harp

What feelings does being on the road trigger? Which images, which attitudes deepen being and the own and regional identity interwoven with it? Questions like these drive the Saarbrücken regional developer, author and photographer Peter Michael Lupp. During his hikes on the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage routes, which he understands as "star trails," he has recorded his encounters in words and pictures.

On the road in 2010 he met the harpist Ulla van Daelen, who subsequently interpreted his thoughts and images with the harp, giving them a distinctive sound. Ulla van Daelen, multiple prize winner, composer and solo harpist of the WDR Radio Orchestra is one of the few exceptional musicians who know how to enrich concert life with her very personal sound language and unusual projects.


Together, they created a "sound book" that was published at the beginning of 2012. The thoughts, photographs and harp compositions woven into it open the senses to the spirituality of being on the road to a great destination. It is also about "learning to see" the special facets of the passing cultural landscapes at one of the seams of Europe.

They tell   of setting out and letting go of the starry way of the language of the old ways of the small gestures along the way of the unusual of joy of places of the soul of the silence of the way to one's own center of the way of knowledge of faith and certainty about arriving

On the way to regional identity

An appendix provides important background information and contacts on the European Way of St. James in the Greater Region, of which Saarbrücken is a hub. This also includes a short version in French.


The sound book On the way is an initiative of the Regional Association Saarbrücken, which is also the publisher. The aim is to make the history and the specific content of the European Ways of St. James, both in the greater region of Palatinate, Saarland, Lorraine, but also supra-regionally, tangible in interaction with the texts, images and music. With this, the Regional Association Saarbrücken follows the appeal of the Council of Europe and UNESCO, which jointly promote in the European regions to play the Ways of St. James cultural tourism and to strengthen the regional identity with creativity and sensitivity.

Regional Association Director Peter Gillo

Sources of supply

The sound book is available directly from the Regional Association Saarbrücken, Fachdienst Regionalentwicklung und Planung, Saarbrücker Schloss, 66119 Saarbrücken.

Contact: Anja Webel, Tel. 0049 681 / 506-6147 Tel. , anja.webel@rvsbr.de
Nicole Krämer, Tel. 0049 681 / 506-8001 Tel. , nicole.kraemer@rvsbr.de

Or in bookstores: ISBN 978-3-923405-45-9

Price: 16,80 €

Exposé Verschlungene Spuren eines Feldwegs in einer Graslandschaft

Sound sample

About the language of the old ways   The old ways serve, use, lure, speak,   call for silence, that thinks and supports,   invite to pause in an ever accelerating time,   allow glances that, like poems gently touch the soul,   seduce us to set out and to encounters on the way,   remind us of those who have been here before,   connect.

Concert series On the way

The idea of the sound book gave rise to the nationwide concert series "On the way". Ulla van Daelen accompanies people with her sounds on their way to themselves at special "soul places" along the pilgrimage paths in Germany.

Konzertreihe UnterWEGs

The concert series will kick off on 29.01.2012 in the Lutherkirche in Duisburg-Duissern.

Concert readings can also be booked upon request. Contact: ullavandaelen@t-online.de

Ev. Church Solingen-Wald in North Rhine-Westphalia
Ev. village church in Duisburg-Baerl in North Rhine-Westphalia
Market church in Heide in Schleswig-Holstein
Protestant church in Karlsbrunn in Saarland
Cath. church in Weilerbach in the Palatinate
Widow's palace in Ottweiler in Saarland
St. Martin's Church in Köllerbach in Saarland