Under the sign of the shell - encounters on the way

On the Way of St. James from Hornbach to Metz


The former priory of the Premonstratensians was already a pilgrimage site in the Middle Ages and is today a stop on the European St. James' Way, which leads here on the Speyer-Metz axis in the direction of Santiago de Compostela.

We invite you to pause at the cultural site Wintringer Chapel. Feel the spirit of a more than 1000-year-old tradition. The medieval testimonies of that great time of the pilgrims of St. James are strung together like pearls on a necklace from Speyer via Hornbach, Saarbrücken or Sarreguemines to Metz and are marked with a stone scallop shell. Travelling in the footsteps of our ancestors gives us insights and makes us open to the present.

With the pilgrim's cry, "Ultreia! - Let's go, onward and upward to Santiago de Compostela!", we wish you a pleasant stay in our region.

Coming from the starting point of the imperial cathedral of Speyer, the Palatine Way of St. James leads over two routes: a southern one via Landau and Bad Bergzabern, and a northern one via Neustadt and Landstuhl. From the Hornbach monastery, the continuing Way of St. James also meanders over a northern and a southern route (after Forbach, both routes merge), for about 130 km to Metz.


Make a pilgrimage in our homeland through the Saarpfalz district, the Saarbrücken region and Lorraine along a path that has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site and named a European Cultural Route. Through the Bliesgau to the Upper Saar, these path routes run like a red thread through the landscape of the Bliesgau Biosphere Reserve.

Stations on the south path from Hornbach Monastery

Altheim - Böckweiler - Medelsheim - Walsheim - Herbitzheim - Rubenheim - Bebelsheim - Gräfinthal Monastery - Gut Hartungshof - Cultural site Wintringer Chapel/Bliesransbach - Auersmacher - Rilchingen-Hanweiler - Sarreguemines - Welferding - Noussviller St. Nabor - Tenteling - Ebring - Folkling - Cocheren le Hérapel - Hombourg-Haut - St. Avold - Longeville - Bambiderstorff - Dorviller - Guinglange - Fouligny - Raville - Frécourt - Courselles-Chaussy - Pange - Villers - Marsilly - Ars-Laquenexy - Grange au Bois - Metz

Stations on the North Trail from Hornbach Monastery

Althornbach - Mittelbach - Hengstbach (connection of the northern route Palatinate: Kirrberg - Wörschweiler Monastery - Blieskastel) - Blieskastel - Biesingen - Seelbach - Heckendalheim/Ommersheim - Bischmisheim - Brebach - St. Arnual - Saarbrücken - Spicherer Höhe - Forbach - Cocheren le Hérapel and then continue as south route.

Laying down stones - a ritual on the Way of St. James

Leaving stones as a symbolic sign at certain places has been cultivated as a ritual in many cultural circles since time immemorial. The own arrival, respectively the leaving of a certain place, is perpetuated and consciously or unconsciously an individual message is connected with it, which is supposed to work in secret. This ritual also has a great tradition on the Camino de Santiago in Galicia.

I have placed my stone with the stones of the pilgrims who pass by here. One stone among many, one burden among others. I am grateful to this stone for its thought-provoking impulse, for what it has set in motion, for a message that I have left here.

Abgelegte Steine

In front of the entrance to the old farm, on a wooden pole, a hand-forged cross recalls the Scallop and the Cross of Lorraine. Symbolically, the European Way of St. James is cited at one of the seams of Europe. From here, in good weather, the view extends to France, with the Vosges Mountains visible on the horizon.

Pilgrim's passport/Passeport pèlerins

A regional pilgrim passport with the pilgrim stamp stations accompanies you from Hornbach to Metz

The pilgrim passport is also available in the farm store and in the Wintringer Chapel for 2,- €. Here you can also get the pilgrimage stamp for the cultural site Wintringer Chapel, the hiking guide, the brochure "In the sign of the shell" and other reminders of the Jakobswege in our region.

On 25 pages, the pilgrim's passport not only describes the most important background information about this important European cultural route, but also includes the pilgrim's stamp stations from Hornbach Monastery to the cathedral in Metz.


In addition, important information about the tourist contacts is kept ready. An insert provides information about special offers along the way. The publishers are the Regional Association Saarbrücken, the Saarpfalz-Kreis and the Biosphärenzweckverband.

Take the opportunity to view or print the pilgrim passport in advance.

Pilgrim Pass Stempelstation

Pilgrim stamp stations along the way

To avoid standing in front of closed doors during your walks and not receiving your pilgrim stamp, we recommend that you check opening hours in advance at the following stations.

Hornbach, Hotel Kloster Hornbach ReceptionTel. 0049 6338 / 9 10 10-0
Saarland North Route Connection Wörschweiler
Ruins of Wörschweiler Monastery, Roman Museum Homburg-SchwarzenackerTel. 0049 6848 / 73 07 77
Saarland North Route
Blieskastel, Franciscan monasteryTel. 0049 6842 / 23 23
Blieskastel-Biesingen, St. Anna's Catholic ChurchTel. 0049 6803 / 4 40
Mandelbachthal-Heckendalheim, Catholic Church of St. JosephTel. 0049 6803 / 89 55
Saarbrücken-Bischmisheim, ev. SchinkelkircheTel. 0049 681 / 89 43 36
Saarbrücken-St. Arnual, Collegiate Church of St. Arnual, Albert Schweitzer HouseTel. 0049 681 / 9 85 05 05
Saarbrücken, Tourist Information Region Saarbrücken, City Hall St. JohannTel. 0049 681 / 9 38 09-0
Forbach, Holy Cross ChapelTel. 0033 3 87 85 83 75
Saarland South Route
Blieskastel-Altheim, Catholic Church St. AndreasTel. 0049 6844 / 640
Böckweiler, Ev. Church St. StephanusTel. 0049 6844 / 14 94
Gersheim-Medelsheim, Catholic Church of St. MartinTel. 0049 6844 / 764
Gersheim-Walsheim, Cath. church St. Pirminius/Ev. churchTel. 0049 6843 / 85 42
Mandelbachthal-Bebelsheim, Cath. church St. MargarethaTel. 0049 6804 / 770
Mandelbachthal-Gräfinthal, Benedictine PrioryTel. 0049 6804 / 68 36
Bliesransbach, Gut Hartungshof, farm shopTel. 0049 6805 / 2 26 24
Bliesransbach, Wintringer Chapel, farm shopTel. 0049 6805 / 902-412
Kleinblittersdorf-Auersmacher, Old farmhouseTel. 0049 6805 / 34 10
Bad Rilchingen-Hanweiler, Merciful Brothers, Reception House VinzentTel. 0049 6805 / 96 00
Sarreguemines, Office de TourismeTel. 0033 3 87 98 80 81
Cocheren, Friends of NatureTel. 0033 3 87 04 00 69
Seingbouse, City HallTel. 0033 3 87 29 14 30
Hombourg-Haut, Stiftskirche, PfarrhausTel. 0033 3 87 81 41 02
Office of TourismTel. 0033 3 87 90 53 53
St. Avold, Pfarrhaus St. NaborTel. 0033 3 87 92 10 84
Office of TourismTel. 0033 3 87 91 30 19
St. Avold, Hôtel de Paris, Chapelle des comtes de CréhangeTel. 0033 3 87 92 19 52
Longeville-lès-St.-Avold, BenediktinerklosterTel. 0033 3 87 91 76 00
BürgermeisteramtTel. 0033 3 87 92 53 01
Courcelles-Chaussy, BürgermeisteramtTel. 0033 3 87 64 00 32
Metz Kathedrale St. Étienne, Infostand, Office de TourismeTel. 0033 3 87 55 53 75