Path of Change

Cultural site Wintringer Chapel - Catholic Church Maria Heimsuchung Auersmacher (Easy walking distance approx. 6 km)

On the initiative of the Saarbrücken Regional Association, an art project in the UNESCO Bliesgau Biosphere Reserve has been dedicated to the future of the earth since 2020. The project's venues are the Maria Heimsuchung Catholic Church in Auersmacher and the Wintringer Chapel Cultural site on the Wintringer farm. Both locations are situated in the UNESCO Bliesgau Biosphere Reserve, which is a model region and laboratory of ideas for a sustainable coexistence of man and nature.

Both locations are connected by an imaginary "path of change", which, accompanied by wonderful views through the old cultural landscape of the Bliesgau, enables a completely new format of being on the move: art hiking for change.

As a source of inspiration for the road, a selection of poetic texts is available as a small booklet, but can also be downloaded.

Brochure Path of Change