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Pilgrimage between cultures

The cultural site Wintringer Chapel is particularly well suited as a starting point for a pilgrimage hike on a section of the European paths of the pilgrims of St. James along the Upper Saar across the border into neighboring Lorraine.

Pilgrimages to and from the Wintringer farm can be arranged individually as smaller and larger sections, there and back, or as a circular route.

Healthy and fresh pilgrimage food is available in Hofladen. In addition, the country inn opposite the chapel invites you to stay. Here there are delicious pilgrim meals and also overnight stays are possible. In the farm store and country inn you can get a pilgrim stamp.

Parking is possible on site or above the farm from the direction of Saarbrücken at the "Wolfsbuche". There you will also find a large information board with a map. A bus stop is located directly at the farm and there is a bus connection to the Saarbahn in Kleinblittersdorf.

At the cultural site Wintringer Chapel you should allow yourself a little time to pause, to visit the medieval building and the contemporary art.

Wintringer Kapelle

It cannot be proven, but nevertheless I believe in it: In some places of the earth the own arrival or departure receives in a mysterious way a special intensity by the sensations of all those, who arrived here in former times or left again. Whoever has a soul that is light enough feels a gentle resistance in the air.

Cees Nooteboom, Detours to Santiago