20. July 2021

Concert for sheep and the diversity of species

Trioformation Autochthon reacts with sound experiment to Corona and the state of emergency of nature

At a time when mankind is being tested by a virus pandemic and at the same time its only habitat is being hit by an enormous extinction of species, three experimental musicians - Hartmut Oßwald (saxophones, bass clarinet), Stefan Scheib (double bass) and Wolfgang Schliemann (percussion) - have realized an extraordinary art project.

The trio formation bears the name "Autochthon" (ancient Greek: Αὐτόχθων = "Erdentsprossener" for "native, native, long-established or originated here") and in this sense the musicians see themselves as natives of the Central European region, as natives they are down-to-earth, as citizens of the world long-established. Rooted in the traditional and open to impulses and questions from outside, they are connected to the richness of sound and the vitality of improvised music.

At a time when humanity is being tested by a virus pandemic, the formation moved to the Bliesgau Biosphere Reserve in the summer to record a concert for sheep and, with the same tone, for biodiversity. The venues were the cultural site Wintringer Chapel on the Wintringer farm near Kleinblittersdorf and open sheep pastures between Seelbach and Heckendalheim.

On site - in the open - the trio formation linked in an artistic way (sound - film - poetry) to the relationship of man to his habitat - the biosphere earth. Under the motto "Man and the Biosphere", UNESCO sums up its vision of sustainable coexistence between man and nature.

The artist/friend of the trio KunstSchäfer Rudolf Schwarz inspired the project with his expertise as a shepherd and was able to win the Bliesgau-Bio-Schäferei Ernst in Assweiler/Seelbach with their flock of sheep as participants. Katharina Bihler, Stefan Scheib and Hartmut Oßwald realized the film editing. Peter Michael Lupp (Cultural Officer of the Regional Association of Saarbrücken) reflected on the work with a poetic prologue and current references to the Bliesgau Biosphere Reserve, among other things.

The result is a synthesis of the arts: whimsical worlds of sound and images that at first glance even make you smile, and a texture that invites you to think and think some more. At the latest on the second view the spectators guess, what the trio has written itself on the flags beside cheerful joy in the experiment, in an enchanting, late summer cultural landscape: To perceive reality from a different perspective, also against the current background of Corona and ecocide, and to enter into a direct artistic relationship with the cultural landscape - biosphere - Bliesgau, and not in the form of a classical performance, a concert in front of people. The accompanying texts let understand the intention in the core and weave the images and sounds together like a poem.

In search of fields of hope for an ecologically and ethically justifiable form of human existence, the unusual idea ultimately also experiments with the question of the extent to which sound worlds, poetic images and textures can trigger a transformative energy between living beings and habitat.

Peter Michael Lupp on the experiment

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7. July 2020

Night call

Leslie Huppert

Drive in art - the art lives

Video projections by artist Leslie Huppert project the place of art in the crisis onto the medieval building

Galleriebild #1

On Tuesday, July 7, 2020, as night fell, videos of extraordinary artworks by various artists were projected onto the interior and exterior facades of the Wintringer Chapel. Some of the artistic reflections that appeared in the night atmosphere also addressed the question of how humanity shapes the future of this unique biosphere - the Earth.

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23. November 2014

Advent market with film screening "Light"

13-17 Uhr
Advent market. In the greenhouse you will find wreaths and Advent decorations made of fresh fir, tied by the gardeners of the farm. Enjoy coffee, cake, mulled wine and bratwurst
14 Uhr
Half-hourly musical reflections: Henk Nuwenhoud (saxophone)
16 Uhr
Presentation of the film
Introduction: Peter Michael Lupp in dialogue with Valérie Hendrich, followed by the world premiere
Program flyer Der Begriff „Licht“ als Schatten an der Wand in der Wintringer Kapelle

As part of an artistic exploration of the site, French artist Valérie Hendrich has explored the phenomenon of light and the direction of natural light in space by means of a filmic work. Her filmic work will be presented and premiered in the afternoon at the cultural site Wintringer Chapel.

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Another world is not only possible, it is in the making. On a quiet day, I can hear it breathing. The idea of sustainability makes me want to live a life that reaches far.

Arundhati Roy (Indian writer and human rights activist)

Mensch in der Dunkelheit der Wintringer Kapelle entzünden am Boden sitzend Kerzen

Advent Ritual "A Light for the World"

The path to an ecologically sustainable future can only succeed if people become more aware of the fullness of creation and develop a physical, mental and spiritual connection with the earth. All guests are invited to light a candle in this spirit.