26. November 2022, 12:00

Meditative pilgrimage in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Bliesgau

Wiese mit Stühlen aus Holzstämmen vor mit Steinmauer abgesetzten Bäumen

After an introduction, the route follows the "Starry Path/Chemin des étoiles" to the pilgrims' hostel in Auersmacher, before returning to the Wintringer Chapel after a pause in the village church.

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25. November 2022, 17:00

Local talk: Art station and model workshop in the Bliesgau biosphere reserve

Dozent vor Zuhörern in der Wintringer Kapelle

In dialogue with the audience, curator Peter Michael Lupp traces the "art of the good life". In doing so, he spans the arc from the eventful history of the medieval priory church to the programmatic approach of the contemporary art projects at the cultural site Wintringer Chapel.

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22. November 2022

Medieval music with contemporary improvisations

Sound sample to set the mood for a time of retreat and the senses.

Claudia Kämmerer (vocals and glass playing), Barbara Neumeier (flute) and Christian Balzer (percussion) with their program "per quella strada lactea" ....entlang der Milchstraße....

14. October 2022, 09:30
15. October 2022, 09:30

Meditative pilgrimage on the Sternenweg in the autumnal southern Palatinate region

2 day stages in the footsteps of the pilgrims of St. James through autumn vineyards and chestnut forests, along medieval castles and village churches in the southern Palatinate. Starting points are the picturesque wine villages Klingenmünster and Leinsweiler (once the great impressionist Max Slevogt had his summer residence here).

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14. June 2022

Ulrike Donié - "SYNERGIEN"

Gemälde „Tafel“ der Künstlerin Ulrike Donié

Those who linger in the silence at the KulturOrt Wintringer Kapelle can - inspired by the works of Ulrike Donié - let their gaze wander between the medieval space and nature.

The change of perspective invites us to trace the creative moments of a synergetic encounter between humans and nature in the present: Where do fruitful connections arise that make a new togetherness recognizable in a future that is not yet visible but can be felt? Synergetic encounters are a central aspect of creative renewal - art connects!

Peter Michael Lupp, Curator KulturOrt Wintringer Chapel

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Turning War into Peace - A Call for Peace and Immediate End to the War in Ukraine

It is with great shock that we see the war in Ukraine and the suffering caused by this avoidable violence. The funding we urgently need worldwide for competent teachers, nurses, social workers and especially for climate change is being thwarted by investments in missiles, tanks and cyber weapons!

Waging wars is not a law of nature, humans invented wars, so this idea of power and resolution of conflicts is reversible. People can [collectively] consciously decide against wars as a means of conflict resolution and every single vote counts!

We call on you to raise your voice non-violently against this war and the violence and injustice associated with it! Set a sign with your possibilities - in thoughts, words, gestures and actions!

Pray [interfaith] in your own way for healing! Solidarize with the people who are directly affected by this war. Spread your message of peace in all available networks!

Gemälde einer verletzten Flügelschwinge
Above the battlefields of senseless wars the silence demands as nowhere else the view to the bottom of the soul of humanity to the seed of inner peace whose seed next to that of fear in each of us in each of us.   Do you nourish your inner peace you nourish the seed which does not know wars.

Peter Michael Lupp, 2020

Кращий світ можливий!
A better world is possible!

Appeal for Peace

11. May 2022, 18:00

Image lecture/Discussion: Building with the essences of culture and landscape.


Picture lecture followed by a discussion about the very essence of regional building culture in rural areas.

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4. May 2022, 17:00

Practice seminar: Artistic [poetic] seeing and thinking at the cultural site Wintringer Chapel

Schattenwurf einer Kugel aus Holzlatten an einer Wand

Presentation of the cultural site Wintringer Chapel and the works of art and practice of artistic seeing and thinking.

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3. May 2022, 18:00
5. May 2022, 18:00

Picture lecture/Discussion: UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Bliesgau

Mann mit Buch vor Sonnenblumenfeld

Picture lecture about the biosphere reserve Bliesgau and its fields of action with subsequent discussion.

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8. February 2022

Advance notice: Art project "SYNERGIES" by Ulrike Donié

Ulrike Donié - panel (detail)

Ulrike Donié - panel (detail)

Under the title "SYNERGIES", starting in May, the artist Ulrike Donié will thematize the long and arduous journey of man through a nature that threatens him to a threat of nature by man at the cultural site Wintringer chapel through the visual language of two opposite paintings on the west wall (panel painting) and on the east wall (Tondo).

The human being has developed about 6 million years ago from a being completely integrated in the nature until today to a being completely dominating the nature. The abilities to subdue the hostile world for physical survival have led to technical and later scientific achievements which are both a curse and a blessing. The legitimate interest in using nature to secure life has turned into an environmental and climatic destruction that is existentially threatening to nature and thus to man himself, and which can hardly be stopped.... Now in the course of human development different answers have been given to the same questions. Religions, politics, secular ethics, art and science often offer different solutions to the same problems, which makes orientation difficult... (My) art is supposed to support the process of becoming aware of the present environmental situation through its own symbolic language and mode of expression, which appeals to the subconscious of the viewer and is emotionally effective. Conflicting feelings are generated.

Ulrike Donié

Short vita and exhibitions

1961 Born in Saarbrücken
1984-1987 work college Saarbrücken (basic training)
1991 Start of work as an artist
2008 Artist in residence, Nagoya Art Academy, Japan
2018 Kunstverein Emmerich (E)
Kunstverein Duisburg, June (E)
Kunstverein Soest, October (E)
Municipal Gallery, Kunstforum Neuenrade, September (E)
2019 Pavillon du Centenaire Esch, Luxembourg (E)
Art Forum Neureut (E)
Art in the Parliament of Rhineland-Palatinate (E)
Art Association Ingelheim (E)
Museum of Fine Arts in the district of Neu-Ulm (G)
Cultural Ring Meschede (E) (K)
2020 New art association Aschaffenburg "strong women" symposium with exhibition large-scale object for outdoor "Big Bugs"
Kunstverein b-05 culture- art- nature Kunstverein Montabaur Kunstfreunde Lindau, art in St. Stephan (E)
KunstWerk Fellbach e.V. Fellbach (E)
Museum Koenraad Bosman, Rees (E)
Art association Meppen (E)
Art in the machine hall Scherlebeck, Herten (E)
Project space k-Salon, Berlin with Susanne Husemann (E)
Museum Pachen, Rockenhausen (E)
2021 art association Weiden (E)
Museums Miltenberg (E), purchase Kunsthalle Hilsbach (E)
Museum Mölln (E)
Ladenburg Art Association (E)
Art exhibition Nature-Man St. Andreasberg
Art association Germersheim "VIELFACH NATUR" (G)
Art association Frechen (G)
Art association Bad Salzdetfurth (G)
Gallery Art Zone M1, Gera (G)
2022 Periphery gallery in the sudhaus, Tübingen (E)
Gmünder Kunstverein, gallery in the Kornhaus (E)
Städtische Galerie Stapflehus, Weil am Rhein (E)
Art gallery "Altes Rathaus" Schwarzenbach an der Saale (Corona conditional on 2023)
Museum in the Deutscherrenschloss, Münnerstadt (E)
Cultural site Wintringer Chapel Kleinblittersdorf, Saarbrücken (E)
Museum Ratibor Castle, Roth (E)

25. January 2022

VHS Events 2022

The dates for the events offered as part of cultural education for sustainable development in cooperation with the Adult Education Center of the Regional Association of Saarbrücken in 2022 have been set.

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12. January 2022

Book launch: Sound book "Being on the road under stars"

Ancient music and thoughts on pilgrimage between space and time

Buchcover Klangbuch Unterwegs sein unter Sternen

The sound book thematizes the myth of the paths of the pilgrims of St. James, who in their search for the way in foreign lands sometimes also oriented themselves to the Milky Way, which points in the night sky in the direction of Spain. The thoughts and texts contained in the book are intended as a musical and poetic source of inspiration for all those who set out - even in everyday life - to pause and let themselves be accompanied joyfully between the times on the path they have chosen for themselves or on which they have been called.

Sources of supply

Academy for Early Music in Saarland, akademie@alte-musik-saarland.de
Mechthild Blaumer, mechthildblaumer@web.de
Tourist Info Saarbrücken Castle, Tel. 0049 681 / 506-6006, touristinfo@rvsbr.de

Price: 18,- €

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