24. November 2019

Advent market at Wintringer farm

Cellistin beim Konzert in der Wintringer Kapelle
13-17 Uhr
Viewing of the current works of art
Musical reflections
Information booth about the cultural site, "Starry Way" and Biosphere Reserve Bliesgau
16 Uhr
Lyrics, Peter Michael Lupp
Music, Marie Colombat (cello)
Invitation flyer

"A light for a better world"

All guests are invited to light a candle in the chapel.

The Country inn at the Wintringer farm offers waffles and mulled wine.

19. November 2019

Man - salvation or thorn of creation

Mensch Heil oder Dorn der Schöpfung

Salvation or
Thorn of

An artistic process work about the future of the earth

Martin Steinert (sculptor)
François Schwamborn (light art)

Starting in November, the models of sculptor Martin Steinert, which were created as a basis for the artistic process, will be shown under the title CONVERSION.


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6. October 2019

Wintringer farm yard festival


From 10 a.m. - 6 p.m., the Wintringer Farm will host its annual farm festival.

10 Uhr
Thanksgiving service in the Wintringer Chapel
11:30 Uhr
On stage "Cooking Tour" with Cliff Hämmerle & Minister Monika Bachmann
14 Uhr
"Jazz Duo Bernd Dahlmanns"
Invitation flyer

Public transport: Bus 147 to Wintringer farm (outward journey only)

31. July 2019

Symbol UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Bliesgau

Sometimes the language of pictures tells more than a thousand words, especially when it comes to the creative power of nature.

Biosphärenreservat Bliesgau Brief information about symbolism
20. June 2019

Weddings of good life

Novelty in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Bliesgau

From 2019, the Wintringer farm will be offering sustainable weddingsat the Wintringer Chapel Cultural site and Country inn.

A richly illustrated brochure describes the ceremonies and associated offers. It is now available at the Wintringer farm.

The medieval monument Wintringer Chapel with its DenkBildern is one of the important reference points of the European model project "Sternenweg/Chemin des étoiles".

19. May 2017, 15:00

Local talk with psychiatrist Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Werner

The seven deadly sins still stand today for how one can lose the human and fellow human measure. The psychiatrist, writer and artist, Wolfgang Werner, refers to this profoundly human theme at a local talk.

Die sieben Todsünden

On seven buttresses in front of the sacred space of the Wintringer Chapel: "The Seven Deadly Sins as the Work of Man".

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