12. December 2017

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Sacred place with soft sounds
10. December 2017

Sound installation STEPS SILENCE

Liquid Penguin Ensemble

Katharina Bihler Stefan Scheib

Liquid Penguin Ensemble

Introduction, Peter Michael Lupp
Sound sample, Katharina Bihler and Stefan Scheib

Since the Middle Ages, the cultural site Wintringer Chapel on the Wintringer farm has also been a signpost, a place marker, a stopping and orientation point for people in search of a way. A sound installation by the Liquid Penguin Ensemble, developed especially for the location, refers to this. In their multi-channel installation, Katharina Bihler and Stefan Scheib work with the audible aspect of wandering, pilgrimage, walking, as well as with texts that deal with the field of tension between fleetingness and permanence.

The Country inn at the Wintringer farm is open and offers an Advent fire with punch to warm you up.

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26. November 2017

Advent market at Wintringer farm


From 1-5 p.m. the traditional Advent market will take place at the Wintringer farm.

13-17 Uhr
Information stand about the cultural site and the "Starry Way"
14 Uhr
Musical reflections, Natasha Bagrova (flute)
16 Uhr
Presentation of the cultural site and the art installations, Peter Michael Lupp
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Advent Ritual "A Light for Peace in the World"

... in the end it only depends on the fact that we shape life and how we do it ... whether we have a message that contributes to the preservation of this wonderful planet with all its living beings ... and whether in the emerging darkness a spark for the shaping of LebensLicht is carried on.


All guests are invited to light a candle in this spirit.

The Country inn at the Wintringer farm offers an Advent bonfire and mulled wine.

1. October 2017

Wintringer farm yard festival


From 10 a.m. - 6 p.m., the Wintringer Farm will host its annual farm festival.

Current exhibition

"The limits to growth - The cross in the void", Hermann Bigelmayr

10-18 Uhr
Information booth about the art station and the "Starry Way"
14 Uhr
Café Garden, "Jazz Duo Bernd Dahlmanns"
16 Uhr
Local talk and presentation of the works of the sculptor Hermann Bigelmayr
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21. May 2017, 11:00 *** Special event ***

In the heart of my heart

Book presentation, author reading, local discussion with the psychiatrist Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Werner

Im Herzen meines Herzens

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Werner will be supported in his reading by two musician friends who will musically respond to the texts and themes with piano, clarinet (Michael Christensen) and double bass (Frank Grandjean).

Peter Michael Lupp will introduce and moderate the local discussion.

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18. March 2017, 11:00
25. June 2017, 12:00
23. September 2017, 12:00
2. December 2017, 11:00

Pilgrimage hike Wintringer farm - Auersmacher

Meditative pilgrimages on the Way of the Stars to the four seasons in the Bliesgau biosphere reserve

The meditative pilgrimages on a section of the European paths of the pilgrims of St. James in the Bliesgau Biosphere Reserve are each integrated into the seasons. They begin at the cultural site Wintringer Chapel and, along the way, focus on the art of the good life: What do we really need?


After an introduction, the route follows the "Starry Path/Chemin des étoiles" past a poetic garden towards Auersmacher. The stage destination is the pilgrims' hostel "Altes Bauernhaus". There you can enjoy coffee and homemade cake. After a pause in the village church, the ten-kilometre, moderately difficult hike leads back to the Wintringer farm via the "Sternenfeld". The day ends with a meditation in the chapel, after which there is the opportunity to stop for refreshments in the Country inn at Wintringer Chapel.

Meeting point: Start at Wintringer farm, Cultural site Wintringer Chapel
Services: Guided tour, coffee & cake in the "Old Farmhouse" in Auersmacher
Cost: 10,- € per person
Guided tour: Peter Michael Lupp
Organizer: Adult Education Center of the Regional Association Saarbrücken
Contact: Anja Webel, Tel. 0049 681 / 506-6147, anja.webel@rvsbr.de

Registration required.

17. March 2017, 17:00
21. September 2017, 17:00

Sustainability explorations

Peter Michael Lupp

Peter Lupp

The local talks with cultural officer Peter Michael Lupp span the range from cultural history and the restoration of the medieval chapel to the programmatic approach of the annual art exhibitions at the cultural site Wintringer Chapel. This also includes an introduction to the current art installation "The Limits to Growth" by the Munich sculptor Hermann Bigelmayr as well as the references of this extraordinary cultural project to the background and fields of action of the Bliesgau Biosphere Reserve. In 2017, another installation by the artist entitled "The Cross in Nothingness" will provide an opportunity for exchange and discussion on the field of tension between ethics and religion on site.

Duration: approx. 1.5 h, free of charge

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