Weddings of good life

The Wintringer farm offers since 2019 at the cultural site Wintringer Chapel and in the country inn weddings under the sign of sustainability.


Wedding couples and their wedding guests have the unique opportunity to celebrate a "Wedding of Good Living" at Wintringer farm, at the cultural site Wintringer Chapel and in the associated country inn. This is a covenant for a common life of the wedding couple, supported by love, sensitivity, understanding and imagination, and also for a symbolic covenant to shape the path of life through sustainable ways of life, as a good and sustainable existence and coexistence on this earth.

To create a "wedding of good living", the bridal couples are offered special rituals for the wedding ceremony, which have sustainable ways of living as their theme in a poetic way. In addition, the country inn of the Wintringer farm offers a suitable culinary arrangement with regional products partly from the farm and in organic quality. The guiding principle is: regional, seasonal, organic, fair, inclusive.

With this idea, Lebenshilfe Oberere Saar in cooperation with the Regional Association of Saarbrücken, the municipality of Kleinblittersdorf and the Zweckverband Biosphärenreservat Bliesgau would like to contribute to the mission and vision of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Bliesgau.

Wedding decorations and ceremonies

"In the beginning is the word" - The wedding message

In your wedding message, you make it clear in writing that you are entering into a covenant for life in which you symbolically commit to shaping your common life path through sustainable ways of living as a good and sustainable existence and togetherness on this earth.

The myrtle wreath for vitality

To the traditional and regional wedding decoration of a wedding couple belongs in the Bliesgau until today the myrtle. Among other things, myrtle branches are considered a symbol of vitality, but also of love that transcends death.

Myrtenkranz und Kräuterwisch

The herbal wipe - Essences of nature

In past times, a herbal wisch, also called "G'werrzwisch" in dialect, was supposed to set a sign in the course of the year for the most diverse wishes and needs for the provision of existence of people in harmony with the forces of nature.

"Connected" - The habitat ribbon

On one of the looms in the workshops of Haus Sonne in Walsheim, a linen ribbon threaded with hand-spun green threads was specially woven for the "Weddings of Good Living". During the wedding ceremony, the hands of the wedding couple are entwined with this ribbon.

Lebensraum-Band und Hochzeitskerze

"Light is life" - The wedding candle

A simple candle with symbolism representing the mission of the Bliesgau UNESCO Biosphere Reserve will be lit during the wedding ceremony and will accompany you throughout the day.

Share bread and wine

The sharing of "bread and wine" is one of the primal rituals of living communities that cultivate mindful interaction with one another. During your wedding ceremony, this ritual symbolizes the long-lasting love that is fueled by sharing, enjoying life together and being mindful of the gifts of creation.

Brot, Wein und Schalen der Liebe

Bowls of love

The wedding couple takes turns mixing the seeds, from organically grown wheat from the Wintringer farm, which are poured into two wooden trays. These wooden bowls are turned by hand by the wood artist Ralf Meisel from woods of the Bliesgau region. His woodworking store is also a partner company in the Bliesgau Biosphere Reserve and is dedicated to the artistic production of wooden vessels based on historical models from the region.

Put down stones - let go - set goals

In the pilgrimage of many cultures, a ritual is known in which people place a stone at special places along the way. By laying down stones, thoughts or desires are released in order to make room for a new goal....

A richly illustrated brochure describes the ceremonies and associated offers. It is now available at the Wintringer farm.


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