ArtMeal - Experience fine art and culinary art with all your senses at Wintringer Farm

ArtMeal - Experience fine art and culinary art with all your senses at Wintringer Farm

It is well known that art and cooking are related in spirit and can appeal to all the senses. The fact that the interplay of the two can also inspire people to think and act sustainably can be experienced during the course of 2024 at the Wintringer Chapel Cultural Site and in the Country inn opposite as part of a special seminar.

Under the title ArtMeal, the curator of the art projects at the Wintringer Chapel Cultural Site (Peter Michael Lupp) invites you to get to know the objectives of the Bliesgau UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and the related art projects. Afterwards, in the Country inn opposite, the art of the Country inn's cooking team will make it possible to experience and taste the respective season and the seasonal, wholesome products of the organic farm. The chefs create a 4-course menu. This is accompanied by interesting facts about the high-quality ingredients and products as well as poetry as spiritual nourishment.

Services: Guided tour and art talk at the KulturOrt Wintringer Chapel and 4-course organic menu incl. table water (other drinks at own expense) with reading.

Registration required by 11.06.2024.

Wintringer farm

Under the guiding principles of "ecological (organic), social (inclusive), regional and artistic", the Wintringer farm combines many different things under one roof. Agriculture, hospitality, communicating values, social mission, building culture and the arts have been preserved at this extraordinary place - in the sense of an expanded concept of art - from the impulse of the founding monks in the Middle Ages to the present day. With the development of the Cultural site Wintringer Chapel in the remains of the medieval priory church located in the heart of the farm and the revitalization of the old farmhouse into a Country inn, the cultural factor completes a synergetic cycle through space and time. A model anchor point is growing here at one of the gateways to the UNESCO Bliesgau Biosphere Reserve.

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Location: Cultural site Wintringer Chapel, Kleinblittersdorf
Duration: 3 h
Price: 45,- €
Course leader: Peter Michael Lupp, cultural advisor Regionalverband Saarbrücken
Contact: VHS Regionalverband Saarbrücken, Tel. 0049 681 / 506-4343,,

Registration required.


Date: Wednesday, 19.6.2024
Time: 18:00
Course number: AP1305