Reading sessions in the vhs literature lounge: "Throw your fear into the air"

Poetry moves and connects! With this in mind, cultural officer Peter Michael Lupp invites you to a "Reading Hour" in the Literature Lounge in the Old City Hall to pause and reflect.

This time, selected poems by Rose Ausländer, Hilde Domin and Nelly Sachs will be discussed.

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Location: Schlossplatz 2, Old City Hall, Room 8 Literature Lounge
Duration: 2 h
Price: 12,- €
Course leader: Peter Michael Lupp, cultural advisor Regionalverband Saarbrücken Contact: VHS Regionalverband Saarbrücken, Tel. 0049 681 / 506-4343,,

Registration required.


Date: 3/13/2023, 4/3/2023
Time: 10:30
Course number: 1605 (Academy for the Elderly)

Date: 3/13/2023, 4/3/2023
Time: 17:00
Course number: 2105