Practice seminar: Artistic [poetic] seeing and thinking at the cultural site Wintringer Chapel

With the completion of the sculpture "[Ver]Wandlung - Weltenkreis Erde" at the Wintringer Chapel Cultural site in 2021, sculptor Martin Steinert has carefully created an imposing image of the aesthetics of the medieval refuge, whose structure and surface at first glance evoke the global network idea of the UNESCO biosphere reserves.

The conception of the art project searches further into the perceptions of the viewers with an inquiring eye, not least to reveal the transforming character of artistic processes. It is about the expansion of human perception and the worldly space through the practice of artistic [poetic] seeing + thinking as a spiritual tool for the creation of good life. Every human being has this "tool" at his disposal and basically all people are capable of this creative act who open themselves for it. Possibly in this creative way the human creative space expands. Ultimately, it is also about the human receptivity for beauty in the mirror of art, culture as the basis of fulfilling and sustainable life design.

In the context of a seminar, curator Peter Michael Lupp introduces the cultural site and the theme-specific artworks and invites to see and think once consciously the capabilities artistically [poetically] and to sound out on site.


Date: Wednesday, 4.5.2022
Time: 17:00
Location: Wintringer Hof (Althof), Kleinblittersdorf
Duration: 2 h
Price: 8,- €
Seminar leader: Peter Michael Lupp, Curator cultural site Wintringer Chapel Course number: 1308
Contact: Sabine Ickler, tel. 0049 681 / 506-4319,,

Registration required.