The hunting lodge Karlsbrunn - cultural history and information about the current reconstruction

The late baroque building and its forest garden are among the most significant places of art and culture in the Saarbrücken region. Anyone who recognizes the eventful history of the cultural monument, the traces of the most diverse uses that can still be seen today, and the cultural landscape - where German and French culture meet - can see the place and its radiance into the present with different eyes. These qualities create identity and the unmistakable atmosphere of a poetic place and bring people to life. Likewise, these qualities also provide the source of inspiration for the valorization and redevelopment of the building, which have been taking their course since 2020.

Depending on the weather, please make sure to wear appropriate clothing!


Date: 16.3.2022, 5.4.2022, 22.6.2022
Time: 17:00
Location: Karlsbrunn forest garden, Schloßstraße 14, 66352 Großrosseln
Duration: about 1 h
Price: 5,- €
Introduction/Moderation: Peter Michael Lupp, Cultural Officer Regional Association Saarbrücken Course number: 9228
Contact: Daniela Becker, Tel. 0049 6898/449-198,

Registration required.