Monika Schrickel

From June 21, 2024, the Cultural site Wintringer Chapel will be showing a work entitled "Writing the Future", which the artist Monika Schrickel created especially for the site in 2003 to kick off the art projects that have followed every year since then. At the time, curator Peter Michael Lupp was able to persuade the artist to develop a work based on her intention "Open book.book objects" for the formerly monastic site in order to create a connection between time and space. Since then, the vision of writing a future worth living through the signs of art has become the guiding principle of the Wintringer Chapel Cultural Site. This impulse has run like a red thread through 20 years of cultural work in the former medieval priory church and has been reflected in a wide variety of artistic reflections.

Reason enough, in the anniversary year 2024, to remember how it all began in 2003/2004 and to pay tribute to the painter Monika Schrickel (1940-2022), who was one of the most important female artists in Saarland, with a renewed presence of her work. The aim is to incorporate her poetic work into a contemporary artistic discourse that deals with the current issues of society and its ability to "write" - in the sense of shape - a sustainable future.

In the run-up to the event, a selection of the artist's works will be on display in the gallery in Kleinlittersdorf town hall, which traces her artistic career and has been carefully compiled by her son Ralph Schrickel.

The exhibition of the work "Writing the Future" at the Wintringer Chapel Cultural site is also a contribution to this year's celebration of the Bliesgau UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, which will take place in Kleinblittersdorf on June 30, 2024.