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per annum

From the impulses of the prologue developed the concept of weaving contemporary artistic positions into annual cycles - per annum.

per Annum

The substantive basis of these contemporary engagements with the place is the view evident in the documentary Book of Hours of reading the place as an assembly of quotations. The subliminal, mostly submerged quotations are encoded in the changing history of the place. Comparable to archaeology, however, they can be uncovered and interpreted in relation to the present in a mindful artistic engagement (see Aspects).

At the summer solstice in June, a festival with St. John's fire is celebrated on the historical part of the Wintringer farm, according to an old custom. Within the framework of the festival, positions of the respective artistic debate are presented and reflected through short lectures, readings and music.


Bilder „Ikonostase“ in der Wintringer Kapelle

Till Neu


per annum MMVIII

Bilder „Heilige für Heute“ in der Wintringer Kapelle

Linda Schwarz

Saint for Today

per annum MMIX

„Stationen des Lebens“ in der Wintringer Kapelle

Andreas Kuhnlein

Stations of life

per annum MMX

Die Grenzen des Wachstums

Hermann Bigelmayr

The Limits to Growth

per annum MMXI

Every day of continued exponential growth pushes the world system closer to the limits of growth. By choosing to do nothing, one is in fact choosing to increase the dangers of collapse.

Dennis L. Meadows
The Limits to Growth, 1972

A new role - preserving habitat

The specific cultural landscape in which the Wintringer farm is embedded today was designated as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 2009 and has also belonged to the Eurodistrict SaarMoselle since 2010. Due to the challenges that arise when seriously considering the topics and fields of action also for our living space, the programmatic orientation - the guiding principle - has expanded at the cultural site Wintringer Chapel.

Weizenkorn Skulptur

Since the summer solstice in June 2011, the renowned Munich sculptor Hermann Bigelmayr has been presenting his work "The Limits to Growth" on site.

For some time now, the main impulses for his artistic work have been the reports of the "Club of Rome" on the state of humanity, which have been published since 1969 and repeatedly updated over a period of 30 years (most recently in May 2012). They bear the title "The Limits to Growth".

The work was created specifically for this place. It reflects its new role: in the mirror of artistic reflections, to become "model workshop", place of thought and learning, to find solutions in creative processes and feed into the regional and global search movement (see Aspects).


Hermann Bigelmayr


per annum MMXII

The installation "The Limits to Growth" is a work in process, which is completed and deepened step by step on the part of the artist in several annual cycles, accompanied by a public discourse. In 2012 Hermann Bigelmayr expands his installation under the title "Seeds".

In terms of content, it enters into dialogue with a significant short formula of sustainability thought by J. W. von Goethe (1795): "...baked bread is tasty and satisfying - for one day; but flour cannot be sown, and the seeds should not be ground."


Hermann Bigelmayr's work will be accompanied by a theme-specific public discourse on site, in which experts and artists will present their positions for discussion.

The cultural site Wintringer Chapel thus responds for the first time to the question of how to preserve living spaces, design them aesthetically, and use their impulses to address the key question of sustainability: What do we really need?

In der Schwebe

Hermann Bigelmayr

In the Balance

per annum MMXIII


Valérie Hendrich


per annum MMXIV

Il fait froid

Leslie Huppert

Il fait froid

per annum MMXV

Das Kreuz im Nichts

Hermann Bigelmayr

The Cross in Nothingness

per annum MMXVI

Schritte Stille

Katharina Bihler, Stefan Scheib

Steps Silence

per annum MMXVII

Nach oder vor [mir] die Sintflut

Frank Schneider, Peter Michael Lupp

After or before [me] the flood

per annum MMXVIII

Mensch Heil oder Dorn der Schöpfung

Martin Steinert, François Schwamborn

Man salvation or thorn of creation

per annum MMXIX

FENSTER inzwischen den Welten

Genc Mulliqi

WINDOWS meanwhile the worlds

per annum MMXX

Verwandlung Weltenkreis Erde

Martin Steinert

Transformation – World Circle Earth

per annum MMXXI


Ulrike Donié


per annum MMXXII