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Tree of wonder + confidence

An inclusive group of artists including people with disabilities from Lebenshilfe Obere Saar e. V. has expanded the current art project at the Wintringer Chapel cultural site - EX VOTO I Believe in Miracles - by artist Vera Loos.

As part of a studio project in the workshops of Lebenshilfe Obere Saar e. V., new paintings have been created in response to the theme of the exhibition and the artist's work.

Thanks to the creative potential of each person who took part in the workshop, the topic could also be illuminated as a social-artistic activity - an art that is inclusive and brings about respectful coexistence.

The "Tree of Wonder + Confidence" was decorated with reproductions of the artworks created for Advent at the Wintringer farm.

The installation invites you to a moment of silence that allows for wonder and creates a deep connection between people and nature. Only with tolerance, openness to the world and the greatest possible diversity can a sustainable and peaceful life be created:

Peace for the world together!

The inclusive group of artists

Mesut Adiyaman | Elke Birkelbach | Dagmar Bläs | Fabian Bonner | Barbara Emmrich | Michaela Hayo | Cora Jantzen | Christian Kappler | Ingrid Lang | Bayonle Ley | Vera Loos | Peter Michael Lupp | Christine Ney | Emanuela Pitino | Klaus Posselt | Vanessa Saar | Sylvia Ströker | Silke Zimmer