Night call

Drive in art - the art lives

Concept: Leslie Huppert
Editing: Leslie Huppert & Henri Rohr

Video projections by artist Leslie Huppert project the place of art in the crisis onto the medieval building

Galleriebild #1

On Tuesday, July 7, 2020, as night fell, videos of extraordinary artworks by various artists were projected onto the interior and exterior facades of the Wintringer Chapel. Some of the artistic reflections that appeared in the night atmosphere also addressed the question of how humanity shapes the future of this unique biosphere - the Earth.


Leslie Huppert, artist from Riegelsberg and winner of the Cultural Prize of the Regional Association Saarbrücken, is currently on the road in Saarland together with her assistant Henri Rohr to project art into the perceptible proximity of people by means of mobile night drives. Artists have provided their works (videos, paintings, drawings) for this purpose. The team will edit the images into a stop-motion video and bring all the videos together into several streams. The art action is to be continued at various locations in the Saarland until it is normalized in public life.

Kashmir`s Ophelia

"Kashmir`s Ophelia" is a film by Greta Mendez (Trinidad/Tobago and London) and Mat de Koning (Australia). The film was made in Srinagar, Kashmir, as part of the performance project "Art Karavan" through the Himalayan belt of India. The performer, Ms. Mini Kumari, is an Indian performance artist and painter. All the performers met each other through Art Karavan and decided to collaborate.

Kashmir is a state of India on the border with Pakistan. Kashmir is mainly inhabited by Muslims who wish for independence, especially since they suffer a lot under India's suzerainty and are also massively oppressed. In addition, the conflict is fueled by Pakistan, which wants to claim Kashmir for itself. The people suffer from months of curfews, attacks by the Indian soldiers stationed there in masses, and the loss of tourism due to the conflicts. The video addresses this situation.

The Kashmir Ophelia gets into a barge that is pulled through the Dal Lake. She lies nestled in flowers in the wooden canoe that glides through the lake, past paddling people, houses, children playing, gazing up at the sky with eyes that seem wide open and dead. Both hands are pointed rigidly upwards, in one hand drawn with pigments the Indian flag and in the other hand the Pakistani flag. Ophelia symbolizes here the Kashmir carried to the grave, pulverized between two countries.

Rope dance

The film "Rope Dance", by Leslie Huppert, was made during a fellowship in Brazil. The film shows in slow-motion a young man balancing on a rope back and forth. Thematically, the film deals with the balancing act of life, in which one cautiously advances to sometimes stumble, catches oneself again, also takes steps backwards to advance again, always in danger of falling and full of hope not to do it and to move on.

2015, the artist was entitled a guest of the annual "per annum" with a work ."Il fait froid art projects ", which dealt with the movement of refugees (migration and integration)

List of artists and their works that were shown at the video mapping at the Wintringer Chapel Cultural site on July 7, 2020.