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extra muros

Virtual art outside the walls

In addition to the current spatial presentation at the cultural site Wintringer Chapel, extra muros offers an additional opportunity - outside the walls - to virtually present (artist) positions on the Internet platform that deal with the location within the framework of the guiding principle "Preserving living space".

The aim is the virtual construction of a field of tension between place (original), (living) space and quotation, whereby the threads always remain recognizable and new perspectives are opened up.

From 2012, the focus here will also be on the issue of sustainable development of a habitat at one of the seams of Europe.

Hermann Bigelmayr

The remnant of a medieval priory church - today's Wintringer Chapel - is virtually predestined to house art. Art is not only exalted by the still tangible building culture of the Middle Ages, rather the formerly sacred space experiences a new interpretation in the present. Another dimension opens up through the mobilization of spiritual power - through art.

Aspects of the artistic debate

Who is the artist? What is the motivation to work artistically for the central idea of the cultural site Wintringer Chapel? What does the artistic work represent (title) and what is its relationship to the previous work? Which message (which theme) of the place should be given a contemporary form in the context of the habitat in which it is embedded (today UNESCO biosphere reserve, laboratory for sustainable living)? What dialogue does the artist enter into when he/she extracts a theme from the place/space in relation to the present? Which real symbol/symbolic message did he/she finally condense and which new formulation of a traditional truth (quote) does he/she pass on to the people who visit the Wintringer farm with its cultural site Wintringer Chapel? Does the technique and the material take on a category of meaning in connection with the chosen theme? Is there a cultural network into which the artistic position can be transferred and further disseminated? Which essence of the artistic work can be used as a building block for educational offers for the cultural, sustainable and ethical further development of the Saarbrücken region or the Bliesgau Biosphere Reserve? Can a guiding quote for a public discourse at the cultural site Wintringer Chapel be formulated from the work? What synergetic connection can the artistic work establish to the current guiding theme at the cultural site Wintringer Chapel?


Peter Michael Lupp
Curator of the cultural project
c/o Regional Development and Planning Service
Regional Association of Saarbrücken
Schlossplatz 16
D-66119 Saarbrücken
E-mail peter.lupp@rvsbr.de

Flyer extra muros Hermann Bigelmayr

It is the way of man, a way through the spiritual center of mankind, a deeply felt conviction, which ultimately carries the only chance to prevent a now foreseeable collapse of systems necessary for survival. This is the central message of my work.

Hermann Bigelmayr