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Individual and collective paradises

Sacred spaces are complex entities whose content quality is determined by integrative interaction of different artistic media. According to the Christian expectation of salvation, the sacred place experiences a mediating function that is directed towards paradise.

For each person, paradise is a different place, a different idea, a different image. The sacred spaces of Christianity are sites of an otherworldly expectation of paradise that is collectively determined by pictorial traditions and yet individually shaped.

14 students of the Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar under the direction of Prof. Daniel Hausig and the media artist Claudia Brieske took the cultural site Wintringer Chapel as an opportunity to develop artistic formulations on the theme of "Individual and Collective Paradises" in the summer semester 2005. The connection to the university class of Prof. Daniel Hausig arose on the recommendation of the Saarland writer and cultural journalist Dr. Sabine Graf.


Based on the guiding concept developed for the cultural site, the workshop participants had dealt with the building in advance in a project seminar, which was scientifically accompanied by the art historian Dr. Andreas Bayer, and developed situational working approaches for the site and its surroundings.

The final realization of the different working approaches took place within a one-week camp from July 10-17, 2005 directly on site at the Wintringer Chapel. Sleeping place was a tent camp on the pasture in the yard area. The chapel, its surroundings and areas of the farm buildings became studios.

The workshop focused on the question of locating a contemporary art in the context of the sacred building and the Wintringer farm, which is currently run as an organic farm by Lebenshilfe für Menschen mit Behinderung Obere Saar e.V.. In this context, the visual arts opened up new perspectives on the historical site for the artist group. Different aspects of a former medieval priory of the abbey of Wadgassen were thematized with different media. (Prof. Daniel Hausig, Claudia Brieske)

At the end of the workshop, the results of the work were presented to the public at a summer festival at the chapel.

On view until late into the night was an impressive exhibition of sculptural objects, video and sound installations as well as performances, photographs and drawings. The following pages outline the conceptual, methodological and associative thoughts of the artists and, in retrospect, once again allow an insight into the exhibition "Individual and Collective Paradises".

Participants Ingo Bracke, Nathalie Cordier, Julia Glucharen, Barbara Herold, Mark Heydrich, Birgit Hower, Marcus Michael Käubler, Ireen Köpke, Dragana Pesic, Stefanie Quade, Denise Ritter, Margit Schäfer, Susanne Schorr, Nikolaus Schrot, Véronique Verdet