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Book of Hours

Filmprojektion auf Außenmauer der Wintringer Kapelle bei Dunkelheit

As a prologue, a cycle of 12 events, continuously integrated into the four seasons, was realized at the cultural site Wintringer Chapel in the calendar years 2004-2007. Artists of various disciplines were invited from their individual talents to discover the medieval, originally sacred place, and to understand as inspiration for new creations (see Aspects).

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Under the title "Book of Hours" a documentation has been created in which the essence of these creative confrontations of the first experimental phase 2007 was recorded. The main excerpts are presented here.

So there is no standstill or retreat and the future remains open. In an equally sensual and intellectual way, however, artists can take up the impulses and expand and carry forward the experiential spaces of this significant place.

Peter Michael Lupp, Book of Hours, 2007