Artistic research at the KulturOrt Wintringer Chapel

On the transitoriness in the imperishable

[Sensory-aesthetic] connection of sound and color fields of the Gothic period and the reflexive music and painting of the present day.

The KulturOrt Wintringer Chapel is the remnant of a Gothic priory church of the Premonstratensians (essence: Communio/community, Comtemplatio/contemplation, Actio/action in search of the divine) a spatial structure in which the most diverse epochs have deposited world views, ideas and signs that are not readily decipherable in the present.

Bemalte Steine in einer mit Sand befüllten Box

The goal of a current artistic research project is the examination of the artistic expressiveness of different epochal living worlds in order to discover, decipher and further think about connections. Starting points for this are existing art-historical knowledge modules, phenomena on medieval buildings and traditional rituals and sounds. A "sensory-aesthetic" approach to the exercise of the combination of different sensory perceptions to stimulate thought processes is expressly desired in this process. The time-spanning relationship between man, nature and cosmos is also to be illuminated. In this field of tension, the artistic experiment has an effect, also in the sense of expanding the concept of art.

In the dialogue between music and painting, a first exciting sequence in the sense of an experimental approach to these questions took place at the KulturOrt Wintringer Kapelle at the end of May 2022.

Participants were Barbara Neumeier (musician/educator/musicologist), Claudia Kämmerer (musician/singer), Christian Balzer (percussion), Stefan Ulrich (piano), Eva Bachura (art teacher/physics), Dorothée Pirrung (regional developer/artist) and Peter Michael Lupp (curator Cultural site Wintringer Chapel).