State competition Perform your homeland

On behalf of the State Chancellery of the Saarland, the State Academy for Music and Cultural Education again organized this year's state competition Perform your homeland. The competition is aimed at children and young people who explore a cultural site in their district through music and dance. The resulting performances are captured in extraordinary films that also highlight Saarland's cultural sites.

In cooperation with the Regional Association of Saarbrücken and the Robert Schumann Gymnasium in Saarlouis, a film was made at the Cultural site Wintringer Chapel with the title: "Along the Milky Way" in Gothic and Contemporary. This contribution has received the first prize!

A very convincing concept, well thought out.

Relating music, dance and Cultural site is very well done.

The video takes you along, draws you into the performance.

Vote of the jury

For more information on all participants: and in the film's credits.