Nahaufnahme Wintringer Kapelle

Cultural site Wintringer Chapel

The Wintringer farm combines a variety of things under one roof, held together by an invisible hand; a network of people, ideas and work, embedded in a specific cultural landscape in a place that was already characterized by a social and agricultural mission in the Middle Ages.

Kunstperformance in der Dunkelheit der Wintringer Kapelle

The remains of the former priory church of Wintringen - the Wintringer Chapel - preserved in the center of the farm were carefully restored between 1995 and 2003. During the restoration process, the idea developed to use the special features of the medieval building, its poetic power, its changing history and its references to the cultural landscape in which it is embedded, for the model development of a cultural place of the present in the Saarbrücken region.

To the extent that this place not only reflects the needs of those who currently have access to it, but also allows testimonies, experiences, and resources of past generations and grants this also to the future, one could probably speak of a cultural place of the present.

Peter Michael Lupp
Curator cultural site Wintringer Chapel

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